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Our friends in the zoo community have produced some great resources to keep children engaged and educated during lockdown.

Fordingbridge have always taken pride in working closely with educators to create inspiring spaces for learning and play, and now is no different. Also, as Corporate Members of BIAZA (The British and Irish Association of Zoos and Aquariums) we are lucky to have many clever friends caring for many fantastic animals in Zoos and Aquariums across the UK and Ireland.

The links below include activity plans to engage and educate children from Foundation upwards (adults too!). The gates to all of these wonderful attractions are closed to stop the spread of COVID-19, but the creatures great and small still need to be fed and cared for, now without funding. Please use the links to benefit from the resources,  support these attractions where you can and remember that when this is over, nothing quite beats a trip out to see amazing animals.

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ZSL London Zoo

Regents Park, London

Dedicated mini-site for Home Learning with resources for EYFS through to KS3, broken down by group. Resources range from colouring sheets for younger learners, through to invertebrate identification and habitat/ecosystems worksheets for older pupils.

While the gates to the zoo are closed, behind the scenes zoo life continues with more than 20,000 animals to care for at London Zoo and Whipsnade. You can find out how you can help here.

Colchester Zoo

Heckfordbridge, Essex

Get yourself a fantastic home learning pack developed by the Education Team at Colchester Zoo by clicking the logo! This well thought out resource covers vocabulary, topics surrounding conservation and the environment and games to development numeracy. You can also view a fantastic range of videos from the Zoo here and it is always worth visiting their Facebook page to see what the animals are getting up to behind closed doors.

If you would like to see what you can do to help care for the animals during the crisis, please click here.

Marwell Zoo

Winchester, Hampshire

The Education Team has put together a wide range of structured free resources including quizzes, games activity sheets for students of all abilities, covering EYFS to Post 16. Many of the resources link directly to the Education Workshops that they offer, but all can be enjoyed on their own at home.

The zoos Facebook page is also updated with videos and keep talks which can be enjoyed from home during lockdown, but you can find out how you can help support the zoo now here.


Various locations

WWT have launched a new home learning hub to help hard-pressed parents teach their primary school aged children key parts of the science curriculum.

New resources, covering different science topics, will be released on a Monday morning each week.

Families will have access to lesson plans, written specifically with this audience in mind, divided up into bite-sized chunks, including an outdoors element for those with access to outdoor space. These are supported by instructional videos, fun ‘make it’ activities and a quiz to show how much they’ve learnt each week.

Click here to access the resources

Paignton Zoo

Paignton, Devon

Activity ideas for any age and structured plans for KS1-3 based around those living in the South West. While the zoo is closed, their amazing team of zoo educators will be uploading a whole host of fun, engaging resources and activities, enabling you to continue to educate and occupy your children for the coming weeks. The activities will be based around any of the zoos within The Wild Planet Trust – including Paignton Zoo, Newquay Zoo and Living Coasts.

You access these by clicking the logo and find out more about the Trust, including how to support them, here.

Tilgate Nature Centre

Crawley, West Sussex

Daily output of new resources to help home learning from this West Sussex wildlife park! With focus from EY to KS3, a host of educational videos, packs and structured plans covering science curriculum objectives and a range of other subject areas, available on their Facebook page by clicking the logo.

You can also directly download the resources here, which include making your own habitat, writing a story from the perspective of an owl and a Climate Change experiment. If your children really do well, they have included a certificate so you can reward their efforts too.

What do Fordingbridge do?

We enhance outside space

Based in our custom built West Sussex factory we design, manufacture and install canopies, walkways and sustainable statement buildings nationwide. We work in a number of sectors including education, leisure, commercial and our amazing NHS.

During the crisis, we are fortunate that we remain open for business. We hope that putting these educational resources developed by fantastic zoos & aquariums in one place will help homeschool children and drive awareness to the funding situation faced by the zoo community. We hope you find this useful and look after yourselves and each other.

Keep well,

All at Fordingbridge


Farnham, Surrey

While we may not be able to feed the ducks ourselves, the keepers at Birdworld post daily videos showing antics of our feathered friends including penguins, parrots, flamingo and emu. The videos won’t just make you smile, you can also learn the different dietary requirements of the variety of birds and find out why exercise is so important.

The park is currently closed to the public, but you can plan your next visit and find out how you can help here.

Africa Alive!

Kessingland, Suffolk

The gates are closed, but the animals (and their keepers) must continue their dedicated work. Click the logo to see a range of live videos from the keepers on site, showing many of the animals in the zoo which visitors miss so much, including Zebra, Gambian Pouch Rat and White Rhino! You can also hear updates from over 80 species, from the ‘smallest’ Giant African Land Snail to the Reticulated Giraffe

Click the logo to visit their Facebook page for great videos, or here to see what you can do to help during the crisis.

Old MacDonalds Farm

Brentwood, Essex

Structured educational stimulus for EYFS, KS1 and & KS2 can be accessed by clicking the logo covering topics from drawing and identification, to maths problems, wordsearches and crosswords!

You can also view videos from the Farm on their YouTube page which includes a hilarious animal Blooper Reel to lift everyone’s spirits.

Dartmoor Zoo

Plymouth, Devon

View a live stream from inside the Zoo, EVERY DAY AT 2PM via the Facebook page by clicking the logo. The Zoo is closed, but the animals still need to be cared for. This gives you an insight into the conservation work undertaken in the home of “We Bought A Zoo” and the level of commitment to look after these creatures great and small.

If you would like to see what you can do to help care for the animals during the closures, please click here.

The Big Cat Sanctuary

Smarden, Kent

Everyone loves a video of a cat playing, and these are some of the biggest on the planet! Click the logo to see how the keepers are looking after the panthers, jaguars, leopards and lynxs throughout the closure of the park.

Perhaps you could compare the characteristics of these big cats to your pets at home? You can also visit here to see if you can help them during the crisis.

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