You may not be aware, but Fordingbridge started out over 50 years ago manufacturing polytunnels.

While we have evolved to provide high quality, bespoke canopies and innovative statement buildings, the manufacture of polytunnels remains an important side of the business. The tunnels, along with all other Fordingbridge products, are manufactured in our custom built factory in Arundel, West Sussex.

With our outstanding reputation as one of the UK’s first and largest manufactures of single, multispan and hybrid polyhouses, we have worked with a magnitude of nurseries, growers and retailers. As a result, we developed the strong expertise needed to provide superior quality products, designed to stand the test of time.

Fordingbridge evolved as a business, and we moved to manufacture polytunnels on a wholesale only basis, with a region of distributors across the UK.

For all polytunnel enquiries, please visit our dedicated website Polyhouses.com for more information.

Reasons to use Fordingbridge

  • Over 50 years of industry experience
  • Custom built steel fabrication facility
  • Strong reputation for well designed, high quality products
  • Regional distributors throughout the UK
polyhouses logo demonstrating Fordingbridge experience as a polytunnel manufacturer

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