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Nestled in the countryside of the Cotswolds AONB, our client was seeking to provide shelter for their helicopter when not in use. Themselves a person world renowned for first-in-class engineering, they were seeking to develop a facility which was as innovative and beautiful as it was practical. A structure which would allow simple access to the aircraft on the grounds, while not tarring the landscape with a more traditional hangar. Fordingbridge were delighted to assist.

Manufacturing all structural steel elements of the project in our West Sussex factory, our build team soon began installation on completion of the groundworks, quickly erecting the frame in preparation of the concrete panels to the sides and rear. We continued to complete the groundworks installing substantial gabions to retain the earth around the entrance to the structure and backfilling the hangar.

Working alongside an organic roofing specialist, they provided a green finish with application of a grazing meadow which was allowed to fully mature, blending the hangar into the countryside. Completion was achieved with automated door system, timber clad so as to soften over time.

Our portfolio truly is as broad as we claim. If you have a vision for a project, contact us today and we would be delighted to discuss how our experience and innovation can help bring your idea to fruition.

Style: Bespoke

Frame: Bespoke

Finish: Wild meadow living roof, cutaway into the hillside allowing the building to blend into the landscape

Size: 12 x 15m

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