A further collaboration with Away Resorts led to an exciting addition to the Lincolnshire holiday park.

Working alongside a team of designers and architects, Fordingbridge were delighted to be approached to provide their tensile fabric canopy offering to the new building. Incorporating a new indoor childrens splash area and family beach, the building is capped with a spacious open roof bar overlooking the beautiful lakes which make up the park. The space is available for visitors to enjoy throughout the year and, thanks to the clever application of the canopy, visitors can enjoy the views come rain or shine.

Opting for a larger triple conic tensile canopy, the overall look is in keeping with other projects in the park, including the covered play and seating areas. This not only creates valuable covered food and beverage areas, but also allows for visual continuity throughout the park.

The project demonstrates how creative design, and our expertise in installation, results in both visually and practically dynamic results.

Style: Triple conic tensile

Frame: CE marked steel

Size: 18 x 8m

Colour: RAL 9003 “Signal White”

Roof: Ferrari fabric

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