Commitment to pupil health and development at this Cornwall primary school resulted in the installation of a new MUGA with a 740m2 Fordingbridge canopy.

Thanks to a combination of Sports Premium funding, and dedicated fundraising efforts by the pupils, parents and staff at the school, St Stephens (Saltash) C. P. School have been able to develop an unused area of the school grounds and transform it into a large level area suitable for general play, games, sporting activities and inter-school competitions. Our canopy allows for year round use, providing shelter from rain and shade from sun.

“We’re increasingly educating our children to be healthy and make good life choices, but we struggle with a lack of space for physical exercise.  When the weather is good, our field allows the children to be very active, but in winter we are forced to compromise on statutory PE lessons as well as the additional sugar tax recommendation of half an hour a day of exercise.

Participation in sport has been proven to have enormous and lasting effects on personal health and well being, so this facility will enable us to provide a wider range of experiences and opportunities to be active, and in return, raise aspirations and achievement”

Headteacher, Heather Launders

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Style: Barrel Vault

Frame: Galvanized steel

Dimensions: 20 x 37m

Roof: Opal 60 fire retardant, water resistant, UV blocking fabric

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Striking glulaminated timber structure for ZSL.

Whipsnade’s striking timber structure is the new home to a diverse range of butterflies and a contrasting animal counterpart, crocodiles!

Utilising our signature curved timber aesthetic, the structure consists of nine 16m long glulaminated timber arches, designed by the architect to echo the shape of a butterflies’ wing.

To create the right internal environment, the building is clad using a twin-skin polythene technology in a similar manner to ETFE. This acts as an insulation layer whilst also being a translucent material, creating a visual connection between the interior and the outside park.

The project is an example of advanced timber design and manufacturing due to the tight radius of the curve and also demonstrating a metal flitch plate connection.

“When ZSL Whipsnade Zoo was looking to replace its main entrance we found that Fordingbridge Plc. had the right product for us. Their modern energy efficient building designs were just what we were looking for in terms of appearance, visitor appeal and functionality. The working relationship with Fordingbridge was more a partnership than client-contractor which led to fantastic final collaborative design. The building has fulfilled all our objectives and we have very happy staff and visitors alike.”

“The working approach that Fordingbridge have and the versatility of their buildings will certainly make us consider them for future developments at Whipsnade.” – Robin Fitzgerald, Deputy Head of Facilities Management, ZSL London Zoo

Style: Bespoke Butterfly design

Frame: Structural glulaminated timber

Colour: Stained light oak. Our timber structures are available in a variety of colours.

Roof: Polythene

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Whipsnade Zoo Butterfly and Crocodile Exhibit entrance Fordingbridge
Fordingbridge Butterfly House ZSL Whipsnade
Fordingbridge Butterfly House ZSL Whipsnade Zoo
Fordingbridge Butterfly House ZSL Whipsnade Zoo
Fordingbridge Butterfly House ZSL Whipsnade Zoo

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