Holmes Chapel Comprehensive School in Cheshire were seeking to provide an additional covered space for students to eat and socialise between lessons. The school, which also serves as a Teaching School and Academy to the area, tasked Fordingbridge with the design and build of a 10x10m canopy.

Created from our structural glulam timber, the barrel vault canopy is fitted with a “non-fragile” polycarbonate roofing and aluminium gutters and downpipes. Fordingbridge supply premium finishes as standard with all of our structures, along with site-specific structural calculations, which ensure the canopy is calculated for the installation site.

While other firms may provide structurally calculations with their installations, we understand that weather conditions, such as wind uplift and snow-loading, vary across the country; what may be suitable in West Sussex would not be the same in Westmorland. The site specific calculations we include at no additional cost, ensure the structure is safe for your location.

If you would like to know more about how Fordingbridge can work with you on your enhancement to your outside space, please contact us today.

Style: Barrel vault

Size: 10 x 10m

Frame: Structural glulaminated timber

Colour: Stained light oak. Our timber structures are available in a variety of colours.

Roof: Polycarbonate

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