We were delighted to work once again for this fantastic garden centre, nestled in the busy borough of Camden, North London.

Providing the full complement of garden centre essentials, plus some standout extras, including a rather exceptional café, Camden Garden Centre has long established itself as the go-to destination for those Londoners looking to brighten their surroundings. However, the business takes it a step further through its remarkable charity work.

As registered charity Camden Garden Centre Charitable Trust, founded in 1983, it has a social purpose to help people from a disadvantaged background who experience multiple barriers to gaining long-term employment. After two years, when staff have become valuable employees, Camden moves them on to further employment allowing them to take on new trainees. The charity and centre alike have won various awards through this model, along with more Garden Centre specific accolades.

All of these factors combined have meant that the business was looking to maximise use of its modest, but immaculately stocked, 730sqm planteria footprint, and we were tasked with installing a canopy in line with the boroughs planning policy.

The centre have cleverly opted for a hybrid system, comprising of steel columns with our trademark glulam arches, but have clad the columns in timber to blend with the surroundings. The canopy adjoins a smaller shelter adjacent to the main retail building and features our custom Opal 60 fabric, ensuring shoppers remain protected from both rain and excessive UV while browsing, all whilst still allowing for a generous amount of natural light.

If you are looking to expand the offering for your customers, please feel free to contact us today. We would be happy to discuss your plans and ideas to see what we can bring to your business.

Style: Barrel vault

Frame: Structural glulaminated timber arches & steel columns

Colour: Stained light oak & hot-dip galvanized

Roof: Opal 60 fire retardant fabric

Size: 7 x 28m

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