Why polycarbonate is the new black

By 19th November 2014Blog, Canopies and Walkways, Safety
Triple walled polycarbonate glazed roof from Fordingbridge

Excellent toughness, dimensional stability and long term weather durability make our triple walled polycarbonate solution an ideal roof glazing material for our canopies.

The technology has the ability to withstand storms, hailstones, high wind, snowfalls and ice formation – together with prolonged hot sunny weather. Its cellular structure yields a lightweight sheet while also lending to superior thermal insulation.

The product utilises a UV coating that protects the technology against the degrading effects of UV radiation in natural sunlight. This also makes it an ideal choice for playground canopies to protect children from harmful rays.

Main benefits

  • High thermal insulation
  • Extremely lightweight yet impact resistant
  • High light transmission
  • Excellent structural durability
  • Weather and UV resistant
  • Blocks virtually all UV radiation
  • Easy to handle and install
  • High fire ratings

Project examples

  • Durrington School utilised the roofing technology on their CE marked steel structure. This canopy also protects the adjacent classroom from unwanted heat gain during the summer months, reducing energy bills.
  • St Philomena’s School commissioned Fordingbridge to design and build a free standing glulaminated timber canopy in their school courtyard. The timber structure is completed by the polycarbonate technology and mill finish aluminium gutter and rainwater pipes.
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