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Regulations exist to cover all elements of construction, from ‘Fire Safety’ to ‘Structure’ and are regularly updated. All affected construction must meet these regulations. There are minor exceptions – typically very small projects, but these terms vary across Local Authorities.

Building Regulations are:
minimum standards for design, construction and alterations to virtually every building. They are developed by the government and approved by Parliament ’*.

We take seriously our responsibility to conform to these regulations and all our canopies and buildings conform to or exceed current legislation. Care must be taken at the outset of a project, to confirm if a Building Control application is required. As with Planning Permission, documents and approval are required before the project can start. If your project does require permission, Fordingbridge are pleased to offer a Building Control application service to you to assist you in this process. As with Planning Permission, a Building Control application requires an extra fee to be paid. This fee is calculated based on the value and construction duration of the project.

Building Control inspectors to make the application to, can be chosen from your Local Authority or a private firm – both enforce the same regulations.

For more information on both Planning Permission and Building Control, see the government website ‘Planning Portal’, contact your Local Authority or speak to us at Fordingbridge.

* control

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