Sustainable Butterfly and Crocodile Exhibit for Whipsnade

Sustainable Butterfly and Crocodile Exhibit for Whipsnade by Fordingbridge

Whipsnade Zoo’s soon to be unveiled Butterfly and Crocodile Exhibit will be home to a diverse range of butterflies of all shapes and sizes.

The project is an example of advanced timber design and manufacturing due to the tight radius of the curve and also demonstrating a metal flitch plate connection.

Utilising our signature curved timber aesthetic, the structure consists of nine 16m long glulaminated timber arches, designed by the architect to echo the shape of a butterfly’s wing.

A sub-tropical climate and an abundance of plant life affected the choice of materials by Fordingbridge; the glulam is a higher specification timber species of Larch, specified to cope with the 26 degree temperature and 86% humidity of the internal environment.

To create the right internal environment, the building is clad using a twin-skin polythene technology in a similar manner to ETFE. This acts as an insulation layer whilst also being a translucent material, creating a visual connection between the interior and the outside park.

Our unique capability of incorporating all design and manufacturing processes in one location enables Fordingbridge to deliver solutions to our leisure sector client’s exact specifications, on time and on budget.

The exhibit is due to open 23rd May in time for the Bank Holiday weekend. We can’t wait for the new inhabitants to move in!

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