Steel frame finish colour options Fordingbridge

Fordingbridge steel canopies are finished with powder coating or galvanising to ensure longevity of the structure and to give great visual appearance.

Each finish prevents corrosion of the steel structure and ensures that your canopy maintains its structural integrity and visual appearance for years to come.


Hot-dip galvanizing is a well-established and highly effective anti-corrosion treatment for steel. The process is inherently simple where coatings are metallurgically bonded to the base steel, forming an impervious barrier between the substrate and the corrosive environment.

The process conforms to BS EN ISO 1461:2009, which requires the zinc coating to be an average of 85µ thick on steel components above 6mm thick.

Polyester powder coating (PPC)

Powder coating is the process which gives colour to a steel structure. The finish not only protects against corrosion; it also provides colour to match or stand out from existing finishes on project sites. The steel is thoroughly cleaned to remove any grime followed by the application of a hot metal spray. The steel is then powder coated using an electrostatic charge and heated in an oven to harden and complete the process. Hot metal spraying acts to prevent corrosion and is the longest lasting method available, after galvanising. There are other, cheaper processes on the market however these are of a lower quality and mean that rusting is more likely to occur in a much shorter timescale

Our specification is: shot blasted SA2.5; Thermal zinc sprayed min DFT 60µ; PPC minimum DFT80µ. This finish comes with a 10 year guarantee.

Colour options

The range of colours available can be found on our RAL colour chart. Please note, the chart on your screen or print out can only act as an indication due to colour rendering variance. Our sales team have RAL colour charts which they will bring to your site visit to show you the true colour or colour match with existing finishes. Please note that certain colours are subject to surcharges.

Please click here to view the colour chart (PDF, 339Kb)

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