Sedum roof bike shelters

Elliots Field Retail Park Fordingbridge Sedum cycle shelter

Being environmentally aware

Industries and companies are no doubt becoming more aware of the environment. Being increasingly aware of the environment can not only help improve business but improve the overall ethics of a company. Showing that a company cares about the environment also has the potential to open up to a new audience.

Sustainability and knowing a company is environmentally aware is becoming a priority amongst the millennial generation. Having a reputation that reflects upon this and looks reputable to consumers can give the opportunity for businesses to grow and increase market share. The generation now is deemed to be the environmental generation due to people willing to pay more for services as well as products if the company or brand is increasingly committed toward environmental and social aspects.

Why not start small. Your building can represent you as a brand and will give an impression upon users and customers. Having an aesthetic that highlights your awareness of being sustainable and the environment can increase the positive outlook of your brand.

Sedum roofed bike shelters

Sedum bike shelters. The popularity of these are sure to grow. Not only is having a bike shelter showing your interest in the environment and public health. But having a sedum roof shows you have truly thought about the environment. A sedum roof is also known as a green roof. A sedum roof involves a living green roof which is a layer on top of a roofed surface. Most plants used for these are low growing so won’t look overgrown either.

The benefits of sedum bike shelters

A sedum roof has many benefits including interpreting your brand in a positive manner toward consumers. Sedum roof can provide possible food for insects and birds and have the possibility of helping to improve the quality surrounding air. As well as the sedum roof, by having a bike shelter this can support the use of bikes in replacement of emission emitting vehicles. By having a bike shelter this can reflect upon the care of public health and the environment.

Case Study

Read our case study about a Sedum roof bike shelter we designed. Not only do these sedum roofed bike shelters look aesthetically pleasing but they can help your brand reflect upon being environmentally aware.

Fordingbridge can design a Sedum roof bike shelter for any sector or industry. Having this kind of cycle shelter will demonstrate your positive views on helping public health and the environment.

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