Antimicrobial finishes for healthcare & education

By 16th October 2019Blog, Education and Childcare, Safety

Following continued research and development in innovative practices, Fordingbridge are now able to offer a antimicrobial finish to our metal canopies and walkways to aid infection control.

Working with a leading anti microbial contamination provider, we are able to offer a specialised addition to our PPC finishes. The additive works by engineering silver ion technology into the finish by form of an additive. Silver is an ideal antimicrobial agent because it has a high efficacy against a wide range of medically-important microorganisms and is regarded as non-toxic.  This is then applied to Fordingbridge CE marked steel, offering the same high quality finish but with the added benefit of antibacterial propertie.

The additive used has been trialed in a number of environments to assess its efficiency. Using one example, two NHS outpatient units were refurbished with similar goods; one containing treated stock. Both units were similar in terms of volume of people, layout and floor-surface area and followed a regular cleaning regime. Following a 12 month period of regular operationm swabs were collected over a 5 month window from both treated and untreated products. Each sample was processed for total counts of viable bacteria and the results were tabularised as average counts of colony-forming-units (CFUs). The polyester powder coated material recieving the antimicrobial finish employed by Fordingbridge, showed a 94% reduction in CFUs.

Many antimicrobial products focus their performance on bacteria, but the system used by Fordingbridge refers to both an antimould and anti-bacterial capability. This makes it especially well-suited in regards to our provision of covered external walkways. Often used by healthcare providers to create interlinking wards, the treatment has a proven record against mould, fungi and yeast as well as an extensive list of bacteria.

While the finish will never replace a regular cleaning schedule, the compelling case of reduced bacteria counts on treated products does add to the weight of the application of antimicrobial technology to hygiene critical environments. If you would like to learn more about the antimicrobial PPC finish Fordingbridge now offer, please ask your Technical Sales Manager.


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