Retail is more alive than ever!

Costa Coffee zero energy building by Fordingbridge

‘Build it and they will come.’

That strategy may have worked well in the past era of large retail stores, but it becomes ever more apparent that even stores like B&Q Redditch, are experiencing dramatic shifts in consumer store traffic. With the increasing use of online for purchasing, you may be lead to believe that the traditional brick-and-mortar store will become obsolete.

But, the modern retail experience is about more than buying products. It’s about the feeling the customer gets from being in your store, the way it makes them feel, and how it addresses the person they want to be – like our projects at Hillier Garden Centres and the additional retail space they required.

This doesn’t happen by accident – effective store design can positively impact the customer experience, but only when that design is done deliberately and with great care.

Fordingbridge are experts at creating internal and external retail spaces. Our services range from entrance canopies and bicycle shelters, to the aesthetic external timber canopy, right through to sustainable buildings – like this one at Costa Coffee. (LINKx7)

We provide the entire design and build service, or can form just part of your project’s team.

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