Predesigned tensile fabric canopy Fordingbridge

Having reliably delivered the best canopy solutions to the marketplace for the last 50 years, experience has taught us what clients want from their projects.

We realised the main motivations for buying a canopy included protection from the elements – sunshine or rain and/or the ability to utilise and create extra valuable space, either for commercial gain or increase in learning space. Another driver is bringing architectural impact to projects to improve the aesthetics.

Tensile is an area of the canopy market polarised by high-cost bespoke options or low-cost, often unfit for purpose canopies. Perhaps incorrectly, tensile canopies are thought of as unattainable for those on restricted budgets or those unfamiliar with what they are.

For these reasons, Fordingbridge have simplified the specification process of a tensile canopy by developing a ‘Predesigned’ range.

Our predesigned tensile canopies enable certainty from cost, through to manufacture and installation timescales, and ensure minimal disruption to live sites and businesses. From order, we aim to complete your canopy on-site within five weeks.

Our range consists of single, double and triple conic canopies constructed using our proven and 100% waterproof, 750g/m² fire retardant tensile fabric and CE marked steel.

Our size options are:

  • Single conic: 3m x 3m, 4m x 4m, 5m x 5m, 6m x 6m
  • Double conic: 8m x 6m, 10m x 8m
  • Triple conic: 8m x 18m

At Fordingbridge we work directly with schools, architects, contractors and LEAs, adding value to the whole or part of the lifecycle of your project. We offer a 25 year guarantee on the structure and galvanising, 15 years on polyester powder coating and 10 years on the tensile fabric to give peace of mind and demonstrate the belief in our products.

See here for some examples of predesigned canopies.

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