PE and sport premium for Primary Schools

Tennis court

Regular exercise is proven to provide social and personal benefits as well as improving physical and mental health.

Participating in sport at school or in local club is the first step to a lifetime of activity and the countless benefits that follow. In addition, sport uptake at a young age facilitates competition at the highest level, helping improve our reputation as a sporting nation and contributing to economic growth.

To make sure as many people as possible are playing sport the government is spending aver £450 million on improving physical education and sport in primary schools – the final round of funding being released for the academic years from 2015 to 2016.

Good teachers have a key role to play in ensuring that children and young people reach their full potential in PE and sport, but excellent buildings and school grounds also play a vital role. The best PE and sport facilities are attractive, inspiring and functional all year round, contributing to an enjoyable teaching and learning experience.

MUGA’s also have the ability to provide more sporting opportunities for the surrounding community and create additional income streams for the school, enabling further spend on other important areas.

Guidance for schools on the funding, including details of funding allocations and advice on how to spend it, is available on the website (link opens in new window).

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