Fordingbridge Board room

Introducing our new Chairman, Tom Hall. We asked Tom to write a few words about the adventure ahead…

My father was a proud farmer – he always maintained that a country could only become sustainably successful if its economy was based on one of three things; a) agriculture, b) mining or c) manufacturing: no country ever generated societal wealth by selling coffee to each other! Fordingbridge is very obviously a manufacturing company, but its history is awash with horticultural and 2 out of 3 is good enough for me.

Our retiring Chairman, Edward Way, leaves behind him a quite staggering legacy. As MD of the business for many years – his aesthetic instinct and engineering pedigree meant that Fordingbridge forged a name for creating inspiring buildings of exceptional quality; our ‘statement’ buildings of today stem directly from his deep-rooted passion. Edward remains a Non-Exec Director and Shareholder of the business and his influence will continue to reflect in all we do.

I do not step into the Chairman’s shoes lightly; it is beholden upon me to ensure that the values of Fordingbridge remain sincere, that our leadership team respect the past, but prepare the business for the future and that our customers, employees and shareholders continue to experience Fordingbridge at its very best. Wish me luck!

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