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NNUH Covered Walkway

Off-site engineering. Pre-fabrication. Modular and portable building. All terms associated with the rapid installation and commissioning of new facilities; working to tight time and environmental restrictions and budgets. As a specialist design and build contractor, these aren’t just buzz words for Fordingbridge; they are pre-requisites for how we operate.

Thanks to our custom-built facility, we design, manufacture and pre-engineer all of our products in-house. Steel fabrication and pre-assembly is dealt with by our engineers before being signed over to our logistics fleet. On arrival to site, this enables our installation teams to attend and complete the build within an incredibly short time.

This approach provides huge benefits to the end client; enabling prompt installation during holidays for the education sector, minimal disruption when working with the NHS and private healthcare and off-peak delivery to the leisure industry. Fordingbridge work within them all, and we have the experience, testimonials and knowledge to prove it.


A canopy can add a welcome enhancement of user-experience to a modular building. Once a building is craned and installed in situ, we can attend to enhance the project, not only aesthetically, but practically with the addition of a structurally calculated installation. Modular builds often do not allow for such a canopy to be supported by the building alone. Here our designers are able to structurally design solid freestanding canopies to provide the necessary finish, blending into the structure visually while still allowing for access underneath the canopies. An excellent example of how a contractor could achieve this can be seen on our numerous ambulance bay installations; these provide ample cover for patients and paramedics alike from both inclement weather and sun, while still allowing fluid vehicular access and for ambulances to manoeuvre safely.


Likewise, covered walkways complement a great number of modular build projects. Acting as a protected linkway, these enable the new installation to be joined with an existing building quickly, cost effectively and with efficiency. Moving away from corridors constructed from more time-heavy and costly building methods, the modular building industry is embracing the user protection formed via protected walkways. Retaining the users’ bond with the external environment, but allowing for year round use through appropriate weather protection, these maximise people flow for a number of sectors. Be it allowing staff and students to migrate through a school in the education sector, or allowing patients sheltered access to a new ward or building in healthcare and therefore enhancing the patient pathway, covered walkways often provide a much sought after solution to a modular business model.

A covered walkway could consist of a single sided canopy, allowing for maximum flow of fresh air, disassociating the experience of exclusion from nature; an important element in modern education. On the reverse, it could be a fully enclosed pathway which would offer a more total form of protection; often a necessity in a healthcare environment where exposure to external elements is to be limited.

If you are looking into modular build, or yourself a fellow MPBA member and provider to the industry, always ensure you work with a firm that has the facilities to deliver without involving a great number of third parties, and the experience to bring the brief to fruition. A company with broad experience through a multitude of sectors and a genuine passion to deliver. A company like Fordingbridge.

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