What have I learned this week?

Fordingbridge canopies work experience June 2017

Here at Fordingbridge, we truly love to invest in our staff and believe that the health of our business depends on this. We also support those who wish to do work experience with us to help them decipher what they would like to pursue career wise. With this in mind, we produced a work experience programme which allows the person to go through the Fordingbridge workflow in order to gain an understanding of every department. Part of the process is reviewing their week with us. The following are the words of Ross Fortin, one of the young men, who joined us this week.

“On my final day here I’m given the question of what have I learned this week? Well in honesty I don’t know if I have enough space to write it. The week has been filled with new experiences and challenges that I’ve overcome thanks to the support of everyone here at Fordingbridge. Ray, Louise, Christine, Chris, Adam, Andrew, Steve and everyone else who works tirelessly have shown me how technology is used to save life and limb (literally), how computer software makes their brilliant designs possible, they’ve shown me that there is a lot more to stock management than spending sprees in screw fix, that no project is too big if it’s what their customer wants. I could go on but in short, my time here has been invaluable! I have been immersed in every aspect of what they do here day after day and as an aspiring engineer I can honestly say that Fordingbridge have offered the best work experience opportunity I could have hoped for and I now have a clear idea of the career path I want to pursue.

When my piers ask me why I bothered actually going to work experience at all there is only one real answer I can merit. My week here at Fordingbridge has been my most valuable week in my whole life in terms of post education idea. It has confirmed my passion for engineering. Given me new motivation to go the extra mile in school so that I can get the grades I want. I want to join the navy when I leave education to be an engineer so seeing the entire process in action for these five days shows me every member of the team is valuable in their own right, for their own role, which fills me with hope that I won’t be just another technician. That is why work experience is important to me – and should be just as important and valuable to everyone else.”

Ross Fortin

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