Structural calcs of Fordingbridge canopy

When we design and build for our clients, we take it very seriously that they have put their faith in us to deliver a product which looks and performs to the specification in the design brief. It is our expertise and knowledge which enables us to translate to the finished article.

So, how do we guarantee that our canopies and walkways are safe and fit for purpose?

The most important part of any building / structure are the foundations. Without foundations, there is nothing to build upon. The structural base of every canopy foundation is decided on the design of the canopy and the potential uplift forces which could be placed on the structure. If the base is not sufficient, this will be the first aspect to fail. So this forms the first part of vital calculations.

Once we have a brief for a canopy, we know the size, position and the geographical location of the project which allows our engineer to calculate the size of pad foundation.

The steel and /or timber sizes and connection details need to be calculated for strength and durability. The conditions which affect these are geographical location, altitude, snow loading, direction the canopy is facing and wind strength. These elements are designed according to European standard codes which must be adhered to. Our structural engineer provides steel and timber sizes related to these codes/ specifications to give structural integrity. Even if there are two or more canopies at one site, the position on the site will result in different calculations. For example, one canopy may be north facing and adjacent to a building, while the other may be positioned at the south and free standing. There are so many variables to consider which is why each project is taken on its own merit.

All our canopies are value engineered to be as cost effective as possible without comprising on safety and durability. This is how we have faith in our product and can offer industry leading guarantees. We want to offer peace of mind, not only to the client but for ourselves too as we want to uphold our reputation of being an industry leader.

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