Help minimise the impact of the unpredictable weather on your sales

Garden Centre Cafe Long Ditton Fordingbridge buildings

With the industry experiencing record low sales due to continuing Wintery weather conditions (1), the importance of drawing customers to your site is more important than ever. Whilst plant sales remain low, cafes and restaurants continue to draw visitors so ensuring a top experience in this area is key to customer satisfaction.

‘Today’s garden centre customers crave memorable and distinctive experiences and well-designed cafes and restaurants are at the heart of this. As well as driving footfall which enhances retail sales they are a proven and vital component of the modern garden centre delivering strong contributions to trading profit’. Paul Pleydell, Pleydell Smithyman Limited

Whether a conversion of existing canopies and buildings or extensions to existing retail spaces, light, airy cafes with high ceilings and generous areas of glazing will refresh customers and keep them browsing whilst enjoying a tasty afternoon tea. Squires of Long Ditton took the opportunity of developing their centre by revamping their café at the same time as converting canopies into heated retail space.

Knowing how exactly to maximise your site’s potential and your investment, can seem a daunting task but here at Fordingbridge we are able to bring in expertise to support your business plan and ensure your project is not only a success but also an enjoyable experience as well!

Given appropriate covered plant sales area and retail space, your centre will transform to an all year-round offering – from encouraging visitors in the cold and wet of Winter, right through to the peak sun of Summer. It’s all about reminding customers that a great day out awaits them at your centre, so that any hesitation of due to inclement weather is long forgotten.

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