Fordingbridge design and build five new buildings for Leicester City Council

Leicester City Council ISC sustainable building by Fordingbridge

At the end of August the Fordingbridge team were delighted to handover five new buildings to Leicester City Council.

These Integrated Services Centres (ISCs) located around the city are part of the ‘One Leicester’ commitment to invest in Leicester’s children and young people. They will improve the availability of services provided by the Council and partner agencies, to work in a co-ordinated way to meet the additional needs of children and young people aged 13 to 19.

The five 120m² buildings have identical plans and elevations to include a meeting room, consultation rooms, reception and office space for both permanent and temporary staff.

Leicester City Council gave us a tight time scale to take the buildings from design to completion. Fordingbridge were able to provide a full design and build service, taking the project through the planning process to handover. The construction of each building took just twelve weeks with all five buildings staggered over a six month period.

At Fordingbridge we believe that all buildings should be intrinsically sustainable no matter what the size, use or budget. Here are a few design aspects that ensure that the Leicester ISC buildings are not only welcoming places to work and visit but are extremely energy efficient and cost effective:

  • Curved sustainably sourced FSC accredited laminated timber frame. Timber makes a great natural structural material with an excellent strength to weight ratio. It also has low embodied energy as the trees used in its construction absorbed CO2 during their life time.
  • The walls and roof are constructed using low maintenance highly insulated composite panels, which minimise heat loss from the building.
  • Our construction team also payed particular attention to sealing the buildings for air tightness to avoid warm air escaping. The buildings were air pressure tested with all five achieving excellent results (under 3m³/hr/m²) well below the national requirements (10m³/hr/m²).
  • The buildings, like the majority of Fordingbridge structures have argon filled triple glazing with a low emission coating. This provides an exceptionally low U-Value, meaning very little heat can escape the building.
  • Natural ventilation: Passivent designed vents and opening windows provide enough fresh air to remove the need for mechanical ventilation.
  • The ISCs have an underfloor heating system. This system is supplied by an air source heat pump which extracts heat from the outside air. It has an extremely low energy demand with our buildings costing as little as £1.50 a day to heat during the winter months.

Leicester ISC photos

Leicester City Council ISC sustainable building by Fordingbridge 3

Leicester City Council ISC sustainable building by Fordingbridge 2

Leicester City Council ISC sustainable building by Fordingbridge 1

Leicester City Council ISC sustainable building by Fordingbridge 4

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