Enhancing school spaces

Fordingbridge constructing a school canopy

Fordingbridge want to help schools create a learning environment that helps students’ achievement, engagement, attendance and well-being.

In our experience, the best projects are those where the school has clearly defined what they want with their external environment and the difference they want to make for school children and the wider community.

For example:

  • Do you need provide more covered spaces at break times?
  • Do you want to develop more engaging ways of delivering the curriculum?
  • Or would you like to provide inspiring sports areas that could encourage children to be more active, and in turn, increase school revenue from community activity?

You may even want to combine all three objectives in one space, which some of our education canopies have the ability to do!

Even if you only have a very small budget, we recommend developing a big picture vision first. You can then break this down into mini projects as resources allow. That way you can ensure a whole school approach to site design, and could even phase installation on larger projects, spreading costs across yearly budgets. Our phased installation at Philip Morant School is a perfect example of this!

Fordingbridge offer a free, no obligation site survey where one of our technical sales managers can come to your school to discuss concepts and ideas – contact us now.

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