Is your courtyard under used & over exposed?

External enhancement

A common feature of a great number of schools, the central courtyard is a valuable open space for dining, socialising and play between lessons. Set out of public view, often with the building surrounding three, if not all four sides, they are an important meeting place in any school.

With continued focus on the importance of outside learning, combined with the pressure on schools and academies to provide additional student space within their existing footprint, utilising the courtyard can be achieved cost effectively through the addition of a Fordingbridge canopy. With our innovative designs, high quality installations and exceptional value, due to our in-house manufacturing facilities, we are able to protect your students from both excessive sun and wet conditions, allowing your school to use the space throughout the year.

Pupil movement

Our canopies are structurally designed to remain in situ throughout the year, for many years! We are able to tailor the covering to your exact requirements. Even if you have an enclosed quadrangle, we can still provide a roofing system, such as our installation at Maytree Infant School, where through innovative engineering, and a solid logistics team, a light and airy space was created to allow pupils to move around the school without exposure to inclement weather. They also provide a welcome benefit to those schools who have situated a modular satellite-classroom on the grounds, as often these units when installed do not allow for toilet facilities.


Another huge benefit presented by our offering is the opportunity for greatly increased dining capacity. Whether choosing to enclose the canopy with removable side curtains, such as our installations at Cumberland and The Forest School, or an open sided structure like our timber canopy at Pittville School. This school decided to add to the structure with the inclusion of an adjacent food kiosk. This not only encourages use for the pupils, but adds a further stream of revenue for the school.


At Fordingbridge we appreciate that it is not always possible to take a class outside for PE or break when the weather is bad. Equally, schools are periodically having their halls and gyms dedicated to dining or exams, further taking away the opportunity for covered play and socialising between lessons. Our products easily fill the gap, rapidly converting an outside area of your field, playground or courtyard into a space which is usable throughout the year. With our design and build service, we tailor the canopy to your requirements. Thanks to over five decades of engineering history, we are able to cover a variety of sizes, from modest to massive, such as with our playground and MUGA covers


Fordingbridge have the experience and know-how to take things to the next level. Our products are a remarkably cost effective way of extending your schools usable footprint. Whether through a simple courtyard canopy or through a completely enclosed solution. At Fordingbridge, we have successfully delivered a number of atrium projects to schools using our turn-key approach, handling the installation from planning through to completion. As dedicated engineers, and with an ever growing portfolio of our statement building portfolio, we have the skills and experience to bring your brief to fruition. Whether you choose to appoint a separate architect, or work with us directly to discuss your requirements and design, we pride ourselves in our collaborative approach and clear communication throughout the project.

If you have an underused space in your establishment, no matter how inaccessible it may seem, and you are wondering if it could be used for something more, feel free to call us. Our clients call us canopy experts, but really we are experts in space.



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