Cost effective solutions for additional covered seating

By 23rd September 2019Education and Childcare
etra covered ding space in a school using a fordingbridge canopy

Covered dining space is at a premium in a number of environments, no more so than education.

With ever increasing pressure on schools and academies to accept greater numbers of pupils, schools are forced to compromise on other pursuits to fund expansion of halls and build additional classrooms. While modular buildings offer a fantastic alternative for additional classrooms, halls are often the issue. With the majority of regular school halls and gymnasiums dedicated to exams for a number of weeks of the year, even those schools and academies with more modest pupil registration can feel the pressure when it comes to a lack of outside space.

Having worked with thousands of educators in our 50 year history, Fordingbridge are able to cover the dining-space dilemma (quite literally) with their canopy provision. As with all of our products, they are designed and manufactured in our West Sussex factory before nationwide installation. Working with schools and academies to explore funding options, design possibilities and future pupil numbers for the UK’s ever growing housing need, Fordingbridge take pride in collaborating with schools to maximise use of their outside space.

Following installation of a Fordingbridge canopy, additional seasonal options are opened up. Many of our clients use their canopy as a space for performances and productions. Equally the benefits for outside play and learning are well documented.

Our canopies are designed not only to be aesthetic and practical, but also durable. We provide an industry leading 25 year guarantee with all of our steel canopy structures as standard. This is due to our in-house manufacture facility where our products are sold, designed and manufactured under one roof. Working in-house allows us to easily manage quality and pricing, ensuring that our products remain competitive while not sacrificing on longevity of the finished product.

If you are looking to provide a cost effective solution to allow for increased covered seated dining in your school or academy, please get in touch to see what we can bring to the project. We would love to work with you.


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