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Planning Permission is the permission required to build new, alter existing constructions or change land or building use. Planning regulations vary across the country, however as a guide, all canopies (not just ours) that will stay up for more than 28 days will require planning permission.

The decision lies with your Local Authority and we can make an enquiry on your behalf if you wish. Pre-planning advice can also be sought from a ‘Self Help Surveyor’ at your Local Authority to discuss things further.

If your project does require permission, Fordingbridge are pleased to offer a full planning application service to you to assist you in this process. Gaining Planning Permission can take between 8 and 12 weeks and permission must be gained before construction is able to start. In this respect, it is vital to ensure that you leave plenty of time before you want your canopy installed, to investigate this requirement and instruct us to make an application if necessary.

Alternatively, if you or another project team member would like to handle the planning application yourself, we can supply the required documentation detailing the project. This is typically a Site Plan, Block Plan, General Arrangement drawing and a completed application form. Additional documents may be requested in specific cases depending on a number of factors such as proximity to Flood Risk zones.

You can find out who your Local Authority is by visiting the Planning Portal website and entering your project postcode in the ‘Find Your Council’ area of the homepage.

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