Preparing your space for the new normal

By 28th April 2020Canopies and Walkways
tensile canopy by Fordingbridge at retail park

One thing has become abundantly clear throughout the crisis; our passion for time outside.

Following government advice, much of the country has contained themselves within their own home throughout, unless for essential work, food shopping and exercise. The question we are now helping people answer, is how to not only prepare for the time immediately after lockdown eases, but how to be ready for our longer term shift in attitude to time indoors.

Children will long even more for outside space; for fresh air and the feeling of freedom that simply being outside generates.

Shoppers, now accustomed to queuing to enter stores, will expect areas to wait in comfort protected from both rain and sun. Similarly, we will be accustomed to greater personal space when shopping, with greater open retail space an advantage.

As diners, the idea of eating in a cramped room, surrounded by strangers, may no longer appeal, and people will look for restaurants and pubs that offer greater distancing between covers including outside space.

During these times which we have never experienced before, we are working to help schools, businesses and key workers not only provide their services now, but also to help plan for the other side, when we reach the new normal.

For over 50 years we have been helping our clients to enhance their outside space, whether it be through covered play and dining areas in schools, oversize display canopies in a retail environment or covered outside seating areas in leisure facilities.

If you would like to prepare your space for greater outside use whatever the weather, we can help.

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