The importance of merchandising at Garden Centres

Plant for Fordingbridge Garden Centre blog post

The garden centre experience

Garden centres have evolved to become more than a place to buy a few shrubs for the garden. Many now incorporate cafes and extra aspects, and lots of us view a garden centre as a trip out. You can spend several hours wandering around and enjoying a snack or meal. The scent of flowers and plants as you walk through, gives you the motivation to start refreshing the garden after the winter months. Plants can be therapeutic, especially being surrounded by different smells that make you feel nostalgic for summer time.

Expanding retail space

There are plenty of opportunities for garden centres to expand their retail space to offer more stock. Not only do people go to garden centres for plants and garden related products. Visitors also look for the small household items you can purchase; the garden toys to keep the children busy, the decorations to fill the garden with more colour, and of course (excuse me for mentioning this in February) Christmas decorations when it reaches that time of year.

Utilising extra space can give garden centres room to hold additional stock and become more inviting. The longer a customer looks around the centre at the range of products, the more they are likely to spend. With extra stock to see and additional time spent looking around, it is also gives customers more reason to go to that garden centre as opposed to others in the vicinity.

The competitive edge

Having the extra room and being aesthetically appealing gives the garden centre a competitive edge against the other surrounding garden centres. Also, we are likely to be attracted to garden centres that have a beautiful design. Fordingbridge offers beautifully designed architecture to expand upon this.

Well this sounds perfect for owners of garden centres, right? Expanding retail space has the potential to increase sales. Also, for customers, it’s a win-win. Extra space to walk around, an increased product range to buy from, and longer time spent around the gorgeous scents emitted from garden centres. Not to mention the inspiration of what our gardens can potentially look like, filled with the increased range of flowers, plants and other items that we can fill our gardens with.

Inspiration for your garden centre

If you are the owner of a garden centre, get inspiration from other centres that have used Fordingbridge to expand their retail space. For beautiful architectural design such as entrance canopies, outdoor dining and play areas, and garden centre walkways, why not check out the buildings that we have already dramatically inspired.

Fordingbridge has a great record as a specialist design and building contractor, offering walkways, canopies and building solutions. We can help to expand your garden centre’s retail space while not only giving it a competitive edge, but also a stunning architectural experience. Why not attract an increase in customers and therefore sales? After all, aren’t the best kind of garden centres not only made from quality of products but the whole experience overall?

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