Canopies: 5 reasons to choose a timber frame

Timber canopy by Fordingbridge

Here at Fordingbridge we utilise glued laminated timber, often shortened as glulam. Glulam is an engineered wood product manufactured by gluing together pieces of timber, known as laminates.

This process produces larger size and longer length members giving us the ability to create our signature curved structures. Here are some of the products benefits:


The combination of impregnated laminated pine wood and a protective oak layer which is both visually appealing and resistant, provides our clients with a product that has great resistance properties.


Our timber beams provide our clients with completely new design possibilities for projects in which it is also required to attach importance to visual appearance and aspects.


Due to the specific manufacturing process of the glulam timber it is possible to reach a strength grade of up to GL 32.


A small percentage of materials used in building construction can be recycled but timber is the only renewable structure material. The planting rates are controlled to ensure growth exceeds harvested quantities. Fordingbridge timber is FSC® and PEFC certified.


Timber is a material with a unique charisma – the appearance of timber, in terms of its colour range and surface texture, is probably the primary reason for its selection in construction.

View some of our timber canopy projects here. Our unique designs make an attractive and practical addition to any environment. If you are interested in collaborating with us on a timber canopy project, simply contact us today to benefit from our specialist expertise.

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