Bike shelters on university grounds


We are in a day and age where students are more aware of the environment. Which is why many choose to cycle to university. As cycling is cheaper than driving or using public transport, and at the same time helps the environment, it is a popular choice.

The benefits of cycling to university

Cycling to university means that students don’t have to pay for fuel or car parking tickets. Importantly, it also gives them daily exercise, which may lead to students being more awake for lessons and being generally healthier.

It has been proven that regular exercise helps improve memory and learning. Cycling not only helps test this theory, but is also a quick and easy transport to university… well quicker than walking! With all the health benefits of cycling, and the chance that it can improve the student’s overall grade, then it is no wonder more students are taking up cycling.

Bike security at university

When spending money on a bike and bringing it to university, students will want to avoid it getting ruined or stolen. Also, who wants to sit on a wet seat when they get back to their bike? Cycling in the rain is bad enough without also having to sit straight onto a soaking wet bike!

So, when choosing to cycle to university, one of the first things to check is whether there is a good enough cycle shelter to protect bikes from weather and theft.

A university that cares

An aesthetically designed bike shelter is ideal. It will give the notion that the university cares about health and the environment, and can protect its students’ bikes. This can help the decision to actively pursue the idea of cycling to university.

Society is quickly shifting, and the importance of being healthy and kinder to the environment also supports cycling. Surely this means that a cycle shelter is a good option to choose within the education sector?

The size of the university doesn’t matter, as Fordingbridge is able to offer a covered bike shelter to suit your requirements. We can design a secure, stylish bike shelter that will be cost effective and can easily be customised to your branding colours and include your logo.

Check out the case studies of cycle shelters and how universities have implemented these so well.

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