An assortment of canopies for Hilliers

Hillier Garden Centre buildings

Established in 1864, Hilliers has been growing the very best quality plants and this has remained at the heart of all that they do.

Since then, the garden centre retailer has passed through family generations keeping in touch with its past while adapting to ever-changing market conditions.

The garden centre market has had to face the dual effects of the recession and extreme weather in recent years. As horticulturists will always tell you, a prolonged cold snap of just a few days can be devastating, so the unexpected cold spell of 2013 that followed the extremely wet winter of 2012 hit garden centres hard. With a 19.3% increase in the number of stores/units over the past three years too, you begin to see the challenging environment garden centres have experienced in recent years.

Against this backdrop garden centres have had to adapt to survive. Recent years have seen retailers striving to create year round businesses with new attractions and departments such as restaurants and Christmas shops. Responding to the customer has been vital and with that an increased interest in delivering great customer experiences has been pushed high up the agenda.

Hilliers are determined to make sure they adapt to ever-changing market dynamics and have commissioned no less than 7 canopies from Fordingbridge. These are due to be installed in the run up to Christmas.

5 steel structures (the largest covering 380mm²) and two FSC and PEFC accredited timber structures (covering 144m² each) will go a long way in ensuring that Hilliers sites at Liss, Botley, Newbury and Bath are weather-proofed for many years to come and provide optimal customer experiences.

Each structure will utilise an Opal 60 fabric roofing solution that has been developed exclusively for Fordingbridge. The design is ideal for areas where higher light levels are required and is known for its longevity, high tear strength and fire resistance.

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